North Island Communications has been a leader in the industry and has built and maintained a huge number of radio sites over the years. 25years of experience and all the proper equipment and tools to build or maintain the site you need or already own.

Hundreds of hours working in and round helicopters

Experience in heavy lift operations with helicopters

Certified welders in the province of B.C.

Certified tower climbers in the province of B.C.

Crane safe certified in the province of B.C.

Certified and safetied Bucket trucks.

Services we provide:

- Solar and remote power setup and installations.

- New construction, Concrete work, Welding and steel work, Rock drilling and anchoring, Tower construction.

- Remote site monitoring.

- Site refuelling.

- Battery maintenance.

- New repeater setup and installation.

- Antenna tuning and Dish aiming.

- And much more.

For more information and details please contact:

Office: 250-287-9207